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Petition for Wolverine’s various spawn to be officially dubbed “bublets.” Collective noun can be a “snikt.” A snikt of bublets.


"It’s better if I don’t give you specifics," Calvin said. "Just trust me. There are some ruthless people out there who will do anything they can if they want to get at you. Nothing is sacred and nothing is safe here."

"Ah. Well, thank you for warning me." Kori says with a small dip of her head. "What is your name? I have given you mine." 


"It’s not darkness," he assured her. "I’ll…find someone when I’m ready."

She smiles warmly, looking relieved. “Good. In the meantime, I really must go see Barbara— goodbye.” 


"I have family," he said, like that might convince her against his loneliness. "They make me happy." When they weren’t busy driving him mad, at least.

Her mouth presses into a thin line. “Richard, please. Don’t act as if I don’t know you well enough to know when you’re being pushed into darkness.” Kori sighs, shaking her head. 

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Ace nuzzled her hand with his nose and kept wagging his tail. The hound tilted his head like he didn’t understand. What him, hurt someone? Never. He liked the warmth coming off of her, it was very comforting.

She coos happily, patting his head once again before standing back up straight. “Would you like me to take you somewhere? Even with your coat of fur, it is cold in Gotham at night.”